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"By treating the underlying cause of disease,
I can assist you in overcoming even the most complex health problems"

Grace Rivas 
BHSc Naturopathic Medicine 


"Welcome to Grace Rivas Functional Naturopathic Practice!

As a specialist in Neuro-endocrine-digestive dysfunction, Grace is dedicated to supporting women's health from conception, fertile years to menopause transition.


If you're tired of treatments that only suppress symptoms, Grace can help you restore optimum health to feel and look vibrant throughout your life.


Learn more about her services today!"



  • You want safe and effective evidence-based treatments supported by clinical, traditional and scientific research.

  • ​You want to be healthy, feel vital and look vibrant at any age!

  • You are ready to take control of your health!


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For the past 2 years, I suffered severe bloating, abdominal pain and erratic bowel movements. I became reactive to so many foods that I could hardly eat anything. After seeing some health practitioners I became hopeless as nobody seemed to know how to help me. My friend Danielle advised me to see her Naturopath Grace, who helped her with hormone issues so she could get pregnant. On consultation, Grace asked me lots of questions, looked at my pathology tests, performed physical examinations and gave me a referral to investigate my gut health. I love how caring and understanding Grace is and how she took extra time to explain everything to me. She put me on an intense treatment for SIBO and gave me selfcare homework to do. I left her clinic with a sense of hope and the motivation to take care of my health. I took all of my herbal & nutritional prescriptions and 3 months since, I'm now able to eat my fave foods without discomfort, I look vibrant and have more energy. Ella, 28

After my child was born, I developed severe sleeping problems, so I end up taking sleeping pills which made me drowsy and unable to function properly the next day. I discontinued taking sleeping pills and decided to look for a more natural solution. My sister told me to visit her Naturopath. On my first consultation with Grace, she gathered lots on information about my general health, we even talked about some emotional issues that were bothering me. Grace found out my chronic stress was inhibiting my digestive function, I also  had nutritional deficiencies and my lifestyle habits were a major contributor for my sleeping problems. By following Grace's advice, I start feeling a lot calmer during the day and having better sleep at night. I now wake up feeling rested & ready for my day. I'm very grateful to found Grace and I recommend her as a very professional Naturopath. Marie-Anne, 36

After losing my job and getting divorced,  I started  binge eating & drinking, I become overweight & depressed.  My daughter in law took me to see her Naturopath. I had no idea what Naturopaths do, but  Grace explained in detail so I felt comfortable. She was very understanding.  She also explained how my emotions were affecting my eating and drinking habits. She helped me understand that some foods don't provide the nutrients we need to be healthy and how important is to have a daily selfcare routine to relax the nervous system. I started going for daily walks with my dog and I'm also eating more healthy and nutritious foods. So far, I have lost 8 kg and I'm proud of my efforts. I want to thank Grace for guiding and supporting me to be healthy.  Robert, 62


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