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Why I became a Naturopath?



Since a very young age, I felt a strong connection to the land. I remember running barefoot through the meadows at our family organic farm, basking in the warm sun and enjoying the nectar of honeysuckle flowers and the company of butterflies & bees.

If anyone at home was feeling unwell, my beloved mother would use her traditional knowledge of  plant medicine to make us remedies with herbs and flowers from our garden. 
My fascination with natural medicine grew stronger as I experience the multiple benefits of eating a wholesome diet & taking herbal remedies when I needed. 

During my school years, I was delighted to participate in any activities related to health and so I became interested in first aid volunteering.  Inspired by the desire to help others enjoy good health, I decided to follow a career in Biomedicine. However, destiny took me to a journey into  love & family and so I became a devoted mother of my two beautiful girls. 

One day my younger daughter, a healthy & happy child became terminally ill.  Being an intelligent 12 year old girl, she understood the severity of her illness and close to the end of her life she told me 'mum promise to follow your dreams'

The next chapter in my life I refer it as  'the darkest night of my soul'.
Sometime after Kylie passed away and in the midst of grief,  I remembered my promise to Kylie to follow my dreams. And so, I initiated my studies of Nutritional & Naturopathic Medicine & after 5 years of rigorous studies, I graduated and became a qualified Naturopath.

In this way, I have honoured my daughter’s wishes and have reconnected with my childhood passion of natural medicine and my compelling desire to empower, guide and support others with restoring good health & vitality.

Now, as a dedicated practicing Naturopath on the Gold Coast of Australia,
I am forever grateful to my beloved daughter, Kylie for giving me the encouragement and the strength to follow and pursue my dreams. X


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